Moving Your Library? Library Software Can Help

Looking at your library right now, you might begin to see that you have more books than you know what to do with. And while they all seemed like a good idea when you bought them, when you have to move, that’s when things get tricky. It’s one thing if you’re moving your personal books, but when you’re moving books in a library, you need to keep track of what gets packed away so that everything makes it to where it needs to go. With library software, you will be certain you know where each and every book is at any point of the moving process.

Getting Ready to Move

Ideally, you want to begin moving before you begin moving. Let’s explain. In a perfect world, you will want to have your library books all catalogued before you ever begin to purchase the moving boxes. This way, you will not have to organize your books or catalog them when you’re trying to think about how to move the collection in the first place. With library software, you can start now. Book by book, start cataloguing what you have into the system and then begin to see what you might not want to bring with you and what you need to organize in a specific way. This process will take a short time when you have just a few books to move and it will certainly take longer the more books you have. However, it’s best to do this sort of work before the moving van arrives.

During the Moving Process

What’s interesting about moving is not the actual process of moving, but what happens in the in between period. Since the books aren’t in the library and they’re not in their new home, it becomes all the more complicated to track your collection. With library software, you will be able to track your books from their old home to their new home – and everywhere in between. This is especially important when books are still out on loan. In making a note of where each book is as you reach certain stages of the moving process, you will begin to understand just where everything is and where it will be when the process is over. This sounds like common sense, but in the chaos of moving, the more organized you are, the better.

Unpacking the Boxes and Setting Up

Of course, if you haven’t had the time to catalog your book collection ahead of time, you need to get started now. As you unpack, you can make notes as to which books you have and then you can also check to make sure any books that got damaged along the way get replaced. By typing in the book name, author, and other pertinent information, you can set up a new library system that is far more organized for this new stage in your library’s life.

Whether you are moving your library or someone else’s, library software is a great investment. Not only can you ease your mind as you move, but you can also begin to establish a system that allows you to track all of the books at any time, no matter how often you decide to relocate.

The Future of Libraries

Imagine a time when you could get any audio book you want to read from the library without having to physically visit the library to lend the audio books.

Well, imagine no more because it is now possible.

Public libraries from New York City to Alameda, California are now leading the packs of libraries that have begun allowing members to download audio books which they can listen to on their Personal Computers or portal audio book players such as PDAs — all from the comfort of their homes or offices.

From Tom Clancy’s techno-thrillers, Arabic, Spanish, French tutorials to as many titles as possible, librarians can now enjoy the best of audio books without having to leave their homes or offices.

What better way for libraries to stay needed and relevant in the new digital age than this?

With the Internet, many people are beginning to lose interest in the libraries, but this move will help the libraries to retain their memberships.

When asked what prompted this development, Barbara Nichols Randal, the director of the Guilderland Public Library in suburban Albany, explained that they took the needs of their younger readers and other people that were too busy to visit the library into consideration before coming up with this move.

Specifically, she said, “This is a way for us to have library access 24/7″.

For example, the Madison Public Library has access to a subscription database of audio book content. It provides this service for people who want to access this information from the comfort of their homes or offices, without having to physically visit the library.

The name of this subscription database of audio book content is OverDrive.

Anyone that has a LINK library card and access to the Internet can benefit from using OverDrive.

Note that while some of the libraries allow you to download and even copy their audio books into your PC and/or other portable CD or MP3 players, others don’t.

With those that do not allow downloading or burning of their audio books, you will only be able to read them on your computer… while being connected to the Internet.

Whichever service or library you prefer, the point is that you can benefit from the audio book without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Take the time to search for the particular library that you prefer and register with them. Some of them offer free registration for particular periods of time, while others charge a token fee to access their database of audio books.

Stress-Free Ways to Keep Your Home Office-Library Orderly

To be able to work at home properly is a dream for everybody. Having an organized home office/Library will help you achieve that dream, where you can comfortably do your work quietly and without distraction. If you have children who are studying, they can also use this room in learning their lessons or in doing their homework. They can concentrate and focus well in a pleasant and organized study area.

In putting your home office and library in order, you have to think about if you are going to share this room with your kids. If ever, they must have their own schedule in using this room so you will not be distracted during your own work schedule. Assign a certain area for them with their own study table and chair. If you are going to share with only one computer, place it in a common area where everyone can have access and conveniently use it without disturbing anybody.

Arrange your books on the shelves alphabetically by book title or by author. Group your books according to their categories and subjects such as separating fiction from nonfiction books and novel books from children reference books. To spot their location easily, you may put a label on every category. This way, you will not waste much time finding the books and other reading materials that you will need.

You must regularly dust and clean your books and shelves to prolong the life of your books. Books are likewise your investment that you need to care about so you can extend their use for many years. Home library is the safest place where you can keep and preserve your books for them to stay clean and intact. Make sure to provide your home library and office sufficient lighting because it is hard and inconvenient to work and read in a room with dim light.

After organizing your home office and library, set some rules to follow to maintain the orderliness in your room. You must return everything to their appropriate places after using especially the books. Do not just leave your mess or trashes anywhere. Make sure to remove them right away before they accumulate. Do not allow your kids to bring their toys, as well as their gadgets, food, and other unsuitable things inside this room. These will only cause distractions and might affect their studying mood and your working atmosphere.

Your family members should be aware with your home working schedule so they will not disturb you unless it is essentially important. Phones should not be place inside so that you will not be interrupted with its constant ringing. Someone must look after your kids during your working time so that they will not wander in and out of the room. Remember that you will not be productive if they will keep you distracted.

Always keep your home office and library clean and organized. It is nice to work with a pleasant atmosphere and with an enjoyable feeling. Accomplishing work efficiently and meeting your schedules is satisfying. You will have more time to relax at home if you will get your work done early!